Mucosal Immunization and vaccine development

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A one day conference will be held at the Royal Society of Medicine, London UK on the theme of "Molecular Approaches to Vaccination" on Feb 12th 2001.

A selection of UK and International speakers will discuss ways in which genomics, proteomics, rational attenuation and other molecular techniques have been applied to new vaccines and immunisation strategies. Topics will include DNA vaccines, live attenuated vaccines, immunomodulating agents, T cell responses, identification of virulence genes, and vaccines against cancer.

Speakers include Rino Rappuoli, Robert Zagursky, Nils Lycke, Allan McI Mowat, Kingston Mills, Adrian Hill, David Holden, Ricardo Tascon, Hardev Pandha, Brigitte Gicquel, Philippe Sansonnetti, Jeremy Wells and Steve Chatfield

A programme and registration form are available.

Partecipants Committee Abstract Papers